Perfectly, Ruhina is usually someone who can’t ever be content & that is a carried out offer. Certainly, she do like Behroz but appears like he in addition has become among those people, Ruhina includes a large amount of complaints with. Her spouse has passed away & yes, she actually is grieving & mourning, but nonetheless, Just what an ideal method of keeping in mind your spouse who forsook his family members for you! I’ve usually blamed Behroz to be unreasonable & for by no means sharing his emotions with Ruhina, we are pleased that Ruhina thought we would discuss her emotions with Tajjamul about how exactly Aga Jaan did not trouble getting in contact with Faarah subsequent she returned,Because of Wali’s attempts in directing Aga Jaan’s brain, he just about comprehended that some thing must’ve occurred And in addition Ruhina require to’ve mentioned some thing due to which Wali was attempting to keep up a great range between two of these. Agha Jaan thought we would ask about the problem And also Behram informed him the reality, that was hard intended for him to understand but this individual do fault himself for all your repercussions & which makes him a good larger people seeing that he could be not really turning from the truth any more

Diyar E Dil Episode 16 on Hum Tv in High Quality 30th June 2015

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