This episode was about Wali & Faarah’s deal. Finally, Wali offers spilled the coffee beans as to the reasons he dragged Faarah from Lahore with their guest home, he wished to put points into perspective that as well his method. He went through enough & he has noticed Agha Jaan struggling enough, this is why he ensured to mention the message loud & obvious to Faarah concerning how he doesn’t treatment much about her any longer & the just person that issues to him is usually Agha Jaan therefore he will head to any lengths to create him happy. Sometimes, Wali did turn into a bit as well stern with Faarah however when he had a need to, he softened his tone to create her know very well what he desired. I loved the actual fact that Wali didn’t defeat around the bush & came right to his stage of interest; he chose his terms wisely & with a whole lot of honesty, that i feel was the matter that convinced Faarah to consent to Wali’s offer the most.Faarah on her behalf own did some considering & reflected upon how this offer wasn’t a negative idea in the first place. For her, that is something that strike her the the majority of & offered more as possible examine because Faarah’s center is not very clear of prejudice against both; Faarah will recognize that her center by no means allowed her to accomplish the items she was informed rather pressured to accomplish & that may change her totally because the method she spoke about the ongoing battle of ego between Ruhina & Agha Jaan indicated how she actually is well alert to the actual fact that Ruhina doesn’t value her daughter aswell.I completely loved just how Agha Jaan welcomed Faarah warmheartedly, for this reason Faarah also couldn’t stop herself from getting overwhelmed. Despite the fact that Behroz & Ruhina possess adored her all her life, but after Behroz, Faarah by no means got the like she yearned for & it really is just Agha Jaan who linked to her on that level, this is why every now & after that we do reach see her considering Agha Jaan, making me happy on her behalf. Yes, just as much as Faarah offers remained unreasonable, she also offers been the main one who wished to keep points basic & uncomplicated, she was the main one who was simply dignified enough to remind her mom repeatedly about how exactly shameless she had been through the use of Agha Jaan’s cash ruthlessly.

Diyar E Dil Episode 22 on Hum Tv in High Quality 11th August 2015

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