The drama serial Deewangi is a Pakistani drama which is being aired on Geo TV. Danish Teymour and Haiba Bukhari are playing the lead roles in the drama. The girl I saw on the bus is a bus hostess. Sultan travels by bus every day to see her and buys all the bus tickets. Nageen belongs to a poor family and she is afraid that something will happen. She lives with her cruel brother-in-law. She wants to do something. She can't stand on her own two feet

Drama serial Mehrposh is being aired on Geo TV in which Aiza Khan Mehro is playing the role and Danish Teymour is playing the role of Shahjahan. Aiza Khan Mehro is playing the main role in the drama. Mehro is a middle class simple girl Shah Jahan is her neighbor, she always respects Mehro and her family, Mehro's wedding day becomes an event. Shah Jahan and his friends make fun of Mehro and meet him. Who is her future husband? He listens and threatens to divorce Mehro. Naeem's aunt Sakina who is always jealous of Naeem's mother

The drama serial Muqaddar is being aired on Geo TV in which Faisal Qureshi and Madiha Imam are playing the lead roles. Madiha Imam who is playing the role of Raima in this drama is doing her reading as well as RJ's work on the radio. A boy named Saad reads with Raima. Through him he meets Sarkar Saif-ur-Rehman Nawab Ji and she interviews him. In this interview she tells him that the government that is Nawab is his subject. They have a lot of people, and those who are harmed by them sometimes, they kill a lot, and their daughters and wives


Mery Pass Tum ho is a Pakistani super hit Drama aired on Ary digital.drama based on Love story .love between husband & wife ,Ayeza Khan & Hamayun Saeed are in main role.danish loves his wife but wife cheat her husband because she want rich but she don't show the she doing wrong.danish always says what we have is enough for us i dont want more because you are with me so i dont need anyrthing.

Kahin Deep Jale is a Pakistani drama of 2019 which is being aired on Geo TV. This is the story of a beautiful girl, Rida, who is the dearest sister of her three brothers and the star in her mother's eyes. However, because of her innocence and good fortune, they make her the target of her sister-in-law's hatred, resentment and jealousy, as a result of which Radha faces horror and suffering. To make matters worse, her husband is a very insecure person.

Ehd e wafa is super hit drama which aired on Hum tv & Ptv home 2019-20.

The story spins around a gathering of cheerful companions who help, support, and appreciate each other's conversation as they defeat hardships in their lives.

Four  friends, Saad, Shahzain, Shariq and Shehryar consider themselves the SSG (Special 'S' Gang since every one of their names start with the letter 'S'). They all studying in Lawrence College in Murree. Saad's family involves his dad, Brigadier (later Major General) Faraz Inam, who serves in the military,

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