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Drama Serial Marvi

Marvi was a popular drama series broadcast on Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) in 1993. It was a modern version of a Sindhi folktale, "Umar Marvi".The story is about a village girl named Marvi who goes to the city to study, with the aim to come back to her village and improve the living conditions for the people there. Things do not go according to plan, and she faces many hardships. Marvi's possessive lover, Umar, played by Hassam Qazi, becomes so obsessed with her that he changes into a different person. He asks his friend Akbar, a feudal lord, for help. Akbar kidnaps Marvi without Umar's knowledge. When Umar finds out, he becomes very angry at Akbar, but later, after Akbar threatens to kill Marvi, Umar becomes a silent spectator. When Marvi pleads for help, Umar helps her escape. With the help of feudal lords, villagers and police try to kill Marvi for having bad character. Marvi escapes and goes to her female boss, for whom she worked as an editor. She helps Marvi file a petition against Umar and Akbar for killing her cousin. When the case is about to be decided in favor of the feudal lords, leaving Marvi as the culprit, Umar confesses that he is in love with Marvi and had helped in her kidnapping. He says at the end that he loves Marvi.


  • Ghazal Siddique as Marvi

  • Hassam Qazi as Umar. Laila's brother who returns home from studying abroad and falls in love with Marvi.

  • Mahnoor Baloch as Laila, Marvi's roommate and friend. Umar's younger sister.

  • Badar Khaleel as Umar and Laila's mother

  • Qaiser Khan Nizamani as Akbar Ali, Laila's fiancé and cousin.

  • Mahmood Siddiqui as Umar and Laila's father, a politician and landlord.

  • Noor Muhammad Lashari as Marvi's father, the village school teacher.

  • Manzoor Murad as Kheth, Marvi's cousin and fiancé.

  • Roshan Atta as Marvi's mother

  • Anwar Solangi as Akbar Ali's father. Umar and Laila's paternal uncle (phopha). Landlord of Marvi's village.

  • Asad Qureshi

  • Sheema Kirmani as the editor of the Roshni newspaper

  • Anwar Baloch

Directed by:Sultana Siddiqui