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Ishq Mein Kafir

Story revolves around superstitions and their effects on our lives. Main lead Ujala loves his university fellow Fahad, she wants to marry him, her another dream is to become a qualified doctor. She takes the help of taweez to get her dreams comes true. On the other hand, Fahad didn’t like her. Fahad was in love with Dua. Ujala wants to get the love of Fahad by hook or crook.

Unfortunately, Ujala gets Fahad and becomes her wife but Fahad doesn’t like her and still loves Dua, when Fahad comes to know that Ujala has got him with wrong means of black magic he gets upset and left her and takes her little son away from her too. In the end Fahad marries his love Dua and Ujala who was using wrong means to get her love,left all alone and depressed.
Moral of the story is that, nobody can snatch the love with wrong doings and unfair means of Taweez Ganda and Kala Jaado.


  • Saboor Aly as Ujala

  • Gohar Mumtaz as Fahad

  • Saba Faisal

  • Sadia Faisal as Urooj

  • Mohsin Gillani

  • Waseem Tirmazi as Raza

  • Ayesha Khan

  • Aymi Khan as Maryiam

  • Humayun Gull

  • Saima saleem

  • Mariam Shafi

  • Momina Iqbal as Dua

  • Fakhar Zaman

  • Syeda Mahreen Shah

  • Ponam Anwar

  • Aitzaz Bajwa

  • Iqra Qaiser

  • Iqra kanwal

Directed by Amir Yousuf