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Drama Serial Masuri

This darama seriel was shoot in Malaysia, centrel idea was a malaysian love story. beautiful script, rocking cast & Performance, Iovely song. Anybody wants to see this darama then search "Pakistani darama Masuri" 

Masuri is basically based on the victims of honour killing(kaaro kaari).Masuri’ is a romance drama, based on a 300-year old Malaysian legend ‘Mahsuri’ and events in the life of her seventh generation grand-daughter Ayesha, whose role has been played by Miss Malaysia, Pushpa Narayan....‘Masuri’ puts different colors of the culture of Sindh side by side with the Malaysian history Most parts of the play have been shot in Malaysia and interior Sindh..Another significant feature of this play is its Sufi music, which complements the main story of the play.Pakistan’s renowned veteran singers, Abida Parveen , Tina Sani along with Amir Jamal, Nasir Hussain etc have lent their voices to the original soundtrack of the play.

Makam Mahsuri was a local heroine who lived about 300 years ago. The legend is that she was was a beautiful girl who married the son of a village headman and Chief of Langkawi Rumours started that she was being unfaithful to her husband with a traveling poet. While her husband was away, her Mother-in-Law raised the village against her and the tied her to a tree to try and kill her.
As the executioner plunged the dagger into her heart, all present were shocked to see that she had bled, but her blood was pure; it was white....
In her dying breath, she claimed her innocence, and cursed Pulau Langkawi (Langkawi Island) to 7 years of destruction, poverty and death, to 7 generations of the people that had denied her innocence.

  "Masuri" wich was persented by PTV Home.

Directed by:Zeba Bakhtiar


Faisal Qureshi,Pushpa Narayan(mis Malaysia),Sabrina Hasbani,Shabbir Jan,Shagufta Eijaz,Sajid Hassan,Sadia Imam,Shayan Malik,Fahad Mustafa,Zhalay Sarhadi,Benish Chohan & Zeba Bakhtiyar