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Mohabbat Na Kariyo

Mohabbat Na Kariyo (transl. Don't ever fall in Love) earlier titled Makafaat is a 2019 Pakistani romantic drama television series produced by master mind productions . It features Hira Mani, Zarnish Khan and Junaid Khan in their third on-screen appearance after Sun Yaara. It also has Atiqa Odho, Ali Ansari and Mariyam Nafees in supporting roles. It was first aired on 11 October 2019 on Geo Entertainment.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

  • Ali Ansari as Asad's cousin

  • Mariyam Nafees as Nida, Asad's sister

  • Arsalan Faisal as Nida's husband

  • Farah Nadir as Nida's mother-in-law

  • Mehmood Akhtar as Zara's father

  • Shaheen Khan as Zara's mother

Directed by  Syed Ahmed Kamran