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SHC summons Humayun Saeed for his sexist dialogues in ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’

The Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered on Wednesday actor Humayun Saeed to appear in court and explain why he delivered offensive and sexist dialogues in the recently concluded drama serial ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho'.

According to local media reports, in a petition filed by Sana Saleem, she alleged that the script routinely spotlighted offensive dialogues about women and wants an apology to the public for the same by MPTH's writer, actor and producer.

While summoning Saeed, the actor who said the degrading dialogue, the court has instructed the federal government, PEMRA and other respondents to submit their replies. The hearing was adjourned to February 13.

Besides language, the petitioner has also objected for showing a divorced couple living together without nikkah and a six-year-old playing matchmaker between his father and a school teacher.

This is not the first time someone has approached a court against the popular drama. On January 22, a woman filed a petition in a Lahore civil court to stop the show's finale from airing. She alleged that the drama has shown women in negative light.