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These Incredible Pakistani Dramas Are Tackling Social Taboos

Pakistan’s TV dramas have been a successful visual medium for decades, bringing amazing talent from actors, writers and directors into the spotlight and acting as one of the country’s most accessible forms of entertainment that’s appealing to both urban and rural audiences. In this context of reach and relevance, drama producers and writers have also taken on the responsibility of creating a positive impact on society with dramas that tackle tough social issues, raise awareness, and break the silence on taboos by initiating dialogue on a domestic level. These are some of Pakistan’s best TV dramas that explore socio-cultural taboos.

Mawra Hocane plays the title character of Sammi, a girl who has to fight for her right to live | HUM Network

Udaari (To Fly)

Udaari was a phenomenal success that received praise for its skillful handling of the sensitive issue of child abuse. The story follows the journey of a young girl who is sexually abused by her stepfather. The drama aimed to empower women by giving them the courage to speak up against sexual abuse and to shun the shame and stigma which are often wrongly associated with the victim.

Ahsan Khan portrays the character of a child molester in the drama serial, Udaari HUM Network

Baaghi (The Rebel)

Baaghi is a drama inspired by the true life events of a social media sensation, Qandeel Baloch, who was killed in the name of honor. A team of strong women came together to tell this story including Nina Kashif, the producer, Shazia Khan, the writer, and Saba Qamar, a powerhouse performer who portrays Qandeel Baloch. The drama digs deeper into the root cause of the honor killing: Qandeel was bold, unruly and unapologetic, which bucked against the patriarchal mindset. Her story of defiance gives courage to women who have been suffering in silence.

Baaghi (The Rebel) follows the transformation of a village girl into a social media celebrity Paragon Productions

Aakhri Station (The Last Station)

Aakhri Station is a collection of stories of seven women who find themselves in a train compartment headed to Karachi. Each of them has endured undue suffering in the past, though, on the brighter side, all of them were able to stand in the face of adversity and have resolved to give themselves another chance at life. This series explores issues that the victim is sometimes unaware of, such as emotional abuse, domestic abuse and clinical depression.

Aakhri Station is a gripping tale of seven women who stood in the face of adversity to shape their own destiny Khoosat Films