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Saza e Ishq

SAZA E ISHQ The story revolves around the girl Rameen who lives with her aunt as her parents died when she was young. She involved with her cousin Saim but her aunt Sabiha decides to get her married to Faris who belongs to well-off family and reason behind is that she doesn’t want people to perceive that she married her to his son due to her properties and wealth. Rameen agrees to marry Faris because of her aunty while Saim got shocked on her decision. Rameen gets married to Faris but he faced an accident after which he went in coma. Rameen has now become a nurse for him but at the same time she wants to stay committed to her husband. Story takes a twist when Rameen fall for Saim again, after considering Faris died. As soon she married to Saim, she gets to know that Faris has recovered completely. Now, Rameen has to take the toughest decision of her life.


Azfar Rehman as Faris

Humanyun Ashraf as Saim

Anmol Baloch as Rameen

Sara Ejaz as Dania

Kamran Jeelani as Mikaal

Khalid Bin Shaheen as Amjad

Shaheen Khan as Faiza

Khalid Butt as Salman

Nushaba Javaid as Zaniab

Humaira Zahid as Fareeda

Tauqeer Ahmed as Sameer

Muhammad Subhan as Fahad

Maria Hanif as Alizay

Director: Fahim Burney & Atif Rathore