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Super Hit Drama

Pakistani super hit drama which aired on different Pakistani TV Channels.there are some most popular drama ever .


Kahin Deep Jale is a Pakistani drama of 2019 which is being aired on Geo TV. This is the story of a beautiful girl, Rida, who is the dearest sister of her three brothers and the star in her mother's eyes. However, because of her innocence and good fortune, they make her the target of her sister-in-law's hatred, resentment and jealousy, as a result of which Radha faces horror and suffering. To make matters worse, her husband is a very insecure person. Instead of supporting him, he treats him badly. Can Rida succeed in defending him? When they have a close relationship with him who is determined to defame him. His sister-in-law did not let any opportunity go to defame Rida


Ayeza Khan Humayun Saeed is playing an important role in the drama which is aired on ARY Digital. The story of the drama is based on love. Danish who works in a government job and with his wife and child. Loves a lot, travels his way, lives happily ever after. His life is the entry of a rich servant named Shehwar. They meet at the wedding of Mahosh's friend. Shehwar likes Mahosh and she Praises her then the series goes on she asks him to dance with her but she refuses that my husband will feel bad. Later when everyone is together When they dance, Shehwar doesn't let go of the opportunity and dances with Mahosh and sees Danesh and comes back home with Mahosh and says to Mahosh why were you dancing with him?

Ali Rehman Naveen Waqar and Ashna Shah were playing important roles in the drama serial Bewafa 2019 which was aired on ARY Digital. The story of the drama was a house story. He is living happily. He has a mother, a wife and a lovely son in his family. He loves his wife very much and his wife loves him just as much. Kunza, who is his wife, just doesn't like him to talk and use his mobile phone more

The drama serial Ruswai 2019 in which Sana Javed and Meekal Zulfiqar are playing the lead roles. The drama is being aired on ARY Digital.

The story of the play is about Dr. Sameera A who is playing the role of Sana Javed. Dr. Sameera and Salman are engaged and they have to get married in a few days. There are friends, they have broken the old friendship in the relationship. Samira's marriage to Salman and Salman's sister's marriage is arranged with Samira's brother

Ehd e  Wafa is a super hit drama that aired on Hum TV and PTV Home 2019-20. The story of the drama is based on the beautiful friendship of four friends in which these four friends spray their lives on each other for each other. The names of the four main characters in this play are Ahad Raza Mir who is playing the role of Saad who is the son of a soldier, Aliza Shah is playing the role of Dua who is married to Saad

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